Ireland is renowned for its wild coastline, clear pristine waters and superb fishing grounds which makes it a prime location for wild salmon. Ireland has a long tradition of catching and handling wild salmon. The love of the fish and the esteem in which fishermen hold salmon could almost be described as an obsession. The fact that wild salmon are now a limited edition means that every single fish is afforded the time and careful handling needed to result in an excellent product.

We only use snap netting to catch our wild fish. Although time consuming for the fishermen, it does not traumatize or stress the salmon. Fishing does not get any more sustainable and gentle than this.

As wild salmon are seasonal and have limited supply, Ballyhack smokehouse also uses Irish organic salmon. When sourcing, only the finest salmon is used for production.

Ireland is situated in a unique location for farming salmon as it is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. Our farmed salmon is sourced from Ireland’s expert fish growers and is cultivated in small densities off Ireland’s rugged west coast with ever flowing crystal clear tides to ensure fish is well toned and top quality. Our inshore fishermen and fish farmers combine skills to ensure fish are reared with the utmost respect.  Organic farmed fish will grow at a much slower rate than a conventionally farmed fish giving it the time needed to grow naturally. Irish sites are swept by strong tidal currents and high waves, resulting in the water quality being rated 1A, the best there is so a build up disease is next to impossible. The number of salmon per cage on fish farms is very low – the equivalent of 1% salmon to 99% water.    The wild salmon and the Irish organic salmon will have covered a distance of approximately 14,500 over their lifetime. Ireland has won numerous awards for its organic farmed salmon. Ireland was a pioneer in the establishment of organic fish farming in Europe. Ireland is now producing more organically farmed fish than regular farmed fish. Irish organic salmon features on the menu of some of the world’s top restaurants & was enjoyed by President Barack Obama, the Queen of England and the Pope (amongst others!)