Artisan Smoked Salmon, handcrafted in Wexford

Smoked with love in Wexford

Ballyhack Smokehouse is a proud family run business based in Wexford, Ireland. 

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A Unique Product

Wexford Craftmainship at it's best

Michael Walsh has learned and perfected the art of smoking. He set out on a mission to revive the traditions of his boyhood and the stories told to him by his late father and neighbours, to create the unique flavorful memories of a time gone by. Without pretense or ostentation. Being gifted a magnificent smoker used in the 1950’s, gave Michael the necessary equipment to harness the delicate intensity to smoke a truly original product. He has worked tirelessly to bring together a magnificent blend of tradition and heritage, combined with his knowledge & expertise, to ensure that his product is unique,authentic & natural and can be described as truly artisan.

Just three ingredients...

In Ballyhack Smokehouse in Wexford, the fish are hand filleted, pin boned, iced and returned to chill until they reach 2 to 3 degrees. The fish are taken out of the chill and brought to the salting room where salt is gently sprinkled over the flesh to allow the fish to harden. We like to give the fish sufficient time to reach the required texture so that it can absorb the smoke and create a finely balanced flavour. Fish are then rinsed, ensuring that each fish receives individual attention. The salt cure acts as a natural preservative.