Ballyhack Smokehouse has a limited supply of Smoked Wild Irish Salmon and advise people to submit their Christmas orders asap, so as to avoid disappointment.

Ballyhack Smokehouse is an award winning purveyor of Artisan Beech Smoked Salmon, Smoked Irish Organic Salmon and Wild Irish Smoked Salmon.

We are a Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste three star winner 2017 for our Artisan Beech Smoked Salmon and also a Gold Fork nominee for this product. Great Taste 2017 two star winners for our Irish Smoked Organic Salmon. Winner of the Irish Food Quality Awards (IFQA) 2016 for our Smoked Wild Irish Salmon and winner of the IFQA's 2017 very first Peoples Choice awards.

Ballyhack Smokehouse – A Taste of Our Heritage

Salmon is the king of fish and here at Ballyhack Smokehouse we respect that fact. Our time-honoured tradition of smoking salmon to succulent perfection creates an unbeatable flavour that is superior to any other product on the market.

Ballyhack Smokehouse is a proud family-run business; the Walsh family have been catching and handling wild salmon for five generations. Over the years, we have perfected our unique salmon smoking technique – blending tradition, the Ballyhack fishing heritage, the finest quality product and our in-depth knowledge.

Ballyhack has a long tradition of fishing for wild salmon. The fish are in peak condition after they have crossed the Atlantic and come back to their natural Irish habitat. Some of the biggest salmon on record were caught in the Waterford estuary, with the largest weighing in at 56 pounds! What does this mean for you? Well, here at Ballyhack Smokehouse we guarantee only the finest quality fish are used.

A limited amount of our artisan smoked salmon is wild Irish and is ethically fished by means of snap net in various rivers around Ireland. Our Irish smoked salmon has a distinct rich flavour that will have you coming back for more. We assure you the customer a high class product at an affordable price. Due to its popularity, we now ship worldwide – bringing the fresh, full flavour of Ballyhack Smokehouse to your home.

We use Wild Irish salmon and Irish organic salmon in our smoking process.