Classic Irish Organic Smoked Salmon

From the wilds of the West of Ireland

Irish organic salmon is renowned as the best quality farmed salmon in the world today, not only because it’s extremely limited quantities, but also because of the conditions in which they live.

The Story of our Organic Smoked Salmon Begins in a small village in County Wexford…

Renowned across Ireland for its exceptional fisheries, wild salmon served as the blood life of the village for well over a century.

 The fish were traditionally caught by driftnet during the busy salmon season which lasted from February to August. With huge enthusiasm and a sheer sense of community, little else was spoken about. Salmon was nearly one of the first words uttered by many of the youngsters in the village.

Meanwhile, directly across the river from Ballyhack in the village of Passage East, there had been a long tradition of smoking fish. In those days, due to an abundance of wild salmon, many local fisherman began making their catch and smoking it, developing what we now refer to as the “artisan method”. This fish was traded between the two villages as a delicacy.

The Ballyhack Smokehouse story begins with the Walsh family. The Walsh’s were set off fishing for salmon from the age of 9 or 10. It was considered an honour for a boy to be allowed to carry the fish by the gill up to the local shop for sale.

We received our first smoker from an elderly gentleman across the river who used it to smoke fish as far back as the 1960s. Today, being one of Ireland’s oldest smokers, we are esteemed in the fact it is still producing award winning smoked salmon today.

Over time as the demand for our smoked salmon has increased we have had to add our own smokers to the operation. We designed and built our own Artisan smokers based on the principles of our first smoker.

It is paramount to us that as we grow our slow smoking method, our care given to each fish and our Artisan principles remain the same. This ensures you the customer will always have a truly Artisan product. You will enjoy the feeling of tradition and luxury when you taste our smoked salmon.

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True Craftsmanship

Organic Smoked Salmon – Great Taste Takes Time

On arrival at our smokehouse, the fish are tested for quality. The salmon are then hand filleted, pin boned, iced and returned to chill. The salmon are then brought to the salting room where salt is sprinkled over the buttery flesh to allow the fish to harden.

The salmon are then gently placed on smoking racks and returned to chill. Once in the chill the surface of the flesh becomes sticky which allows the salmon to smoke easier.

After some time, the salmon are placed in our traditional smoker. Beechwood chips are lit and the magic begins.

Our Artisan Method

We take huge pride in our traditional approach to the craft of our artisan smoked salmon.

At Ballyhack Smokehouse, our technique is unique and mechanical free. Everything we do is based purely on taste and good judgement.

A Taste of our Heritage

Our salmon is gently smoked for a period of 2 days. We compare this to slow roasting meat. “Great taste takes time”

Beech is used which is a milder wood with a delicate smoke that allows the true flavour of the salmon to sing. Heavier smoke is given by the more commonly used oak can produce a less delicate taste. Wood chips are used rather than sawdust which produces a gentle, clean, dust free smoke.

Our Classic Organic Smoked salmon is available in:

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Great Taste 2017

Ballyhack Smokehouse Smoked Irish Organic Salmon ★★

Judges Comments

“A lovely looking piece of fish. It has a lovely texture, really moist without being oily. The salmon flavour come through wonderfully before the smoky notes come through. The smoking level and flavour are just perfect. It has a real sweetness and the smoking has enhanced the flavour of the salmon rather than dominated it.”

“A good level of smoke, and well judged salt, the texture has a great mouthfeel – the bite is very good. We liked that this fish was so very well prepared. The fish lingers on the palate.”

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