IFQA winner 2016 & IFQA People’s Choice 2017

Ballyhack Smokehouse Wild Irish Smoked Salmon

Irish Food Quality Award Judges gave its natural look, provenance and flavour high praise including the comments
“You can really taste the salmon and the gentle smoke flavour. This is a wonderful product”, “Delicious, can taste the river….a fantastic product to judge”.

Great Taste 2017

Ballyhack Smokehouse Artisan Beech Smoked Salmon ★★★

“A Wonderful looking fish with a fantastic texture. The texture is moist without any oiliness. We love the smoky flavour coming through so beautifully, with a real sweetness. The salt level is perfect all the Judges went back for more…simply delicious.”

“A very cleanly presented salmon, the fish is creamy and buttery, a light smoke, a good fish at the end and overall a well balanced and handled piece of salmon”

Great Taste 2017

Ballyhack Smokehouse Smoked Irish Organic Salmon ★★

Judges Comments

“A lovely looking piece of fish. It has a lovely texture, really moist without being oily. The salmon flavour come through wonderfully before the smoky notes come through. The smoking level and flavour are just perfect. It has a real sweetness and the smoking has enhanced the flavour of the salmon rather than dominated it.”

“A good level of smoke, and well judged salt, the texture has a great mouthfeel – the bite is very good. We liked that this fish was so very well prepared. The fish lingers on the palate.”

2 star great taste

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“Cleanliness expertise in dealing with the product. Absolutely brilliant salmon very tasty. Very experienced operator .
Patrick Burke

“The most delicious smoked salmon. It is a big favourite in our household, quality produced, well priced. You won’t go back once you try it.”

Julianna O'Brien

“Best smoked salmon”

Lisa Colfer

“The best smoked salmon I’ve ever had! Absolutely delish!”

Suzy Malone

“I am extremely picky about smoked salmon. I have tried so many brands, one well known brand ( I won’t mention! ) I ended up giving to my cat !! I bought Ballyhack smoked unsliced salmon for first time last week. Seriously awesome, the absolute best SS i have ever tasted. Unsliced is best, it preserves their very unique flavor. Order in for this week already. Yum yum “

Kate Henihan