Ballyhack Smokehouse

Wild Irish Smoked Salmon

Wild Irish Smoked Salmon is caught by draft/snap net in our Irish rivers – a tradition as old as time itself!

In Ballyhack Smokehouse, our experienced workers hand fillet, pin bone, ice and return the fish to chill until they reach 2 to 3 degrees. We take the fish out of the chill and bring it to the salting room where we gently sprinkle salt over the flesh to allow the fish to harden. At Ballyhack Smokehouse, we like to give the fish sufficient time to reach the required texture so that it can absorb the smoke and create a finely balanced flavour. Once this texture is reached, we rinse each fillet, ensuring that each fish receives individual attention. The salt cure acts as a natural preservative.


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Please note that our wild Irish smoked salmon stocks are limited and will not always be available.

Our Artisan Method

Only the finest quality salmon makes the grade for the smoking process here at Ballyhack Smokehouse

We use 3 different varieties or types of salmon in our various products. We use only the highest grade of Scottish farmed salmon reared in the Scottish Lochs & Irish organic salmon reared off the west coast of Ireland which is renowned as the best quality farmed salmon in the world today, not only because it’s extremely limited quantities, but also because of the conditions in which they live. When in season we are privileged to be able to smoke our treasured Wild Irish Salmon found in our Irish rivers and caught by means of snap or draft net.

On arrival at our smokehouse, we test the fish for quality. Our highly trained workers hand fillet and pin bone the salmon, after which they ice the fish and return it to the chill.  Once chilled, they are then brought to the salting room where salt is sprinkled over the buttery flesh to allow the fish to harden.

We place the salmon on the smoking racks and once again, returned to chill. Once in the chill the surface of the flesh becomes sticky which allows the salmon to smoke easier.

The salmon is now ready to be placed in our traditional smoker. We light the beechwood chip and…the magic begins.

“Great taste takes time”

We take huge pride in our traditional approach to the craft of our artisan smoked salmon. At Ballyhack Smokehouse, our technique is unique and mechanical free. Everything we do is based purely on taste and good judgement. Our salmon is gently smoked for a period of 2 days. We compare this to slow roasting meat.

Beech is used which is a milder wood with a delicate smoke that allows the true flavour of the salmon to sing.  Heavier smoke is given by the more commonly used oak can produce a less delicate taste. Wood chips are used rather than sawdust which produces a gentle, clean, dust free smoke.

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